DogWatch Hidden Fences

DogWatch® is the World's Safest, Most Reliable Hidden Dog Fence… No Getting Around It!

At DogWatch®, we understand that your pet is an important part of your family. That's why our pet fence systems are the most advanced and safest available. Since 1990, we've been keeping pets happy and safe with innovative solutions that protect your pets while allowing them the freedom to play outdoors.

Freedom, Safety and Flexibility

Unlike more costly wooden or chain-link dog fences, your pet can't jump over, dig under or chew through a DogWatch hidden fence. In addition to being less expensive and safer than traditional dog fences, a hidden fence can be easily customized to establish a safe play area for your pet while protecting your landscaping, children's play areas or anything else you want to designate as 'off-limits'.

DogWatch hidden fences are the most reliable pet containment systems in the business, and DogWatch offers safety and convenience features not found in any other hidden or "invisible" dog fence. Give us a call, we'd love to show you how we work.

DogWatch® S1200

Hidden fence
kr. 2.995,00

DogWatch® Fence PT4

Hidden fence
kr. 3.795,00

DogWatch® SmartFence™

Hidden fence
kr. 5.995,00

DogWatch® Halsbånd S1200

Ekstra modtager
kr. 1.795,00

Receiver PT4

Extra receiver
kr. 1.895,00

Halsbånd SmartFence™

Ekstra modtager SmartFence
kr. 2.595,00

100 meter ledning

Grænseledning 100 meter. Robotklippere eller Usynligt hundehegn
kr. 249,00

305 meter kantledning

Flertrådet kantledning med Polyethylen kappe til robotklippere.
kr. 759,00

DogWatch® Battery

DogWatch godkendt batteri
kr. 89,00

DogWatch® Battery

Originalt DogWatch batteri holder strøm i 2 år.
kr. 112,00

DogWatch® Battery

Kredsløbsledning (reservedel)
kr. 69,00

DogWatch® Training Flag

DogWatch® Træningsflag
kr. 269,00

Monteringsskruer med plasthætte

Til montering af DogWatch® modtager på halsånd
kr. 39,00


kr. 159,00


DogWatch® System Panel for organizing the system. Includes space for business cards, extra batteries, and the multi-tool.
kr. 295,00

PowerPak™ Battery

Batteri Backup
kr. 595,00

Kabelbrud Tracker

Lokalisér brud på din ledning
kr. 689,00

DogWatch® PT4 Transmitter

Ekstra sender
kr. 1.995,00

DogWatch® S1200 Transmitter

Ekstra sender
kr. 1.695,00

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