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Der medfølger ét halsbånd til et komplet system.

Vælg R7 mini til en lille hund eller kat. F.eks. Gravhund, Chihuahua, Puddel
Vælg R9 til andre dyr og større hunde. F.eks. Labrador, Schæfer, Kleiner Münsterländer

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Freedom & Safety for Your Pet

DogWatch® Hidden Fences keep your pets safe and are safe for your pets. Our easy to install hidden fences allow pets to run, play and exercise so they stay happy and healthy. With DogWatch, your pets will stay safely in your yard and away from places you don't want them to be.

The DogWatch Hidden Fence is a pet fencing system that uses an electronic FM radio signal to keep your dog in a designated containment area, such as a yard; or out of an area, such as a swimming pool, patio, or garden. (We also have Indoor Boundaries that work inside your home to keep your pet off a couch, out of a room or away from a kitchen counter.)

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System Features

Our patented digital SafeLink® FM technology provides the maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals. FM technology is less prone to interference than the AM systems used by other brands, and that makes DogWatch the most secure hidden fence available.

Receiver Status Light
DogWatch receivers have a unique status light that provides valuable information to help keep your pet safely in your yard. It also lets you know if the receiver battery is low and if your pet has recently challenged the hidden fence.

Flexible Training Levels
The DogWatch transmitter and receiver offer up to twenty unique options (plus audible only) to ensure safe, appropriate containment for all pets. The settings are easy to understand and user adjustable (no service call required).

Range Setting
You can adjust the signal range (the distance the signal travels from the hidden wire) to meet the needs of your pet(s): a larger signal distance if you have large animals or a smaller range for small pets.

Lightning Protection
DogWatch Hidden Fences include the very best lightning/surge protection available as a standard feature. External protection directs power surges and lightning away from your home; internal protection suppresses surges coming in through your house wiring.

Our optional PowerPak keeps your fence working temporarily if you lose power. With a PowerPak, you have added protection to ensure your pet’s safety. Provides up to 8 hours of backup protection.

DogWatch has the fastest reaction time in the industry. If your dog runs at the boundary, the receiver reacts with the warning signal before he reaches the wire, not while he is traveling over it.

This patented safety feature automatically adjusts the receiver’s correction level if your pet challenges the boundary. This discourages additional boundary challenges. The receiver automatically resets to the original level after 24 hours without a boundary challenge.

If your pet challenges his boundary, the status light on the receiver double flashes, an indication that you may need to adjust the fence settings. The receiver resets after 24 hours without a boundary challenge. TattleTale is a patented safety feature from DogWatch.

Audible or Vibration Warning Alert
All DogWatch systems include a warning signal to alert your dog that he is approaching the boundary. We offer either an audible or a vibration alert. Your pet quickly learns to stop at the warning signal – before he reaches the hidden wire.

GentleFit™ Contact Posts
Optional GentleFitTM Contact Posts are easy on your dog’s skin. They are smooth like our standard stainless steel contact posts to minimize friction and low profile for a comfortable Pet-FriendlyTM fit.

Automatic Shutdown
The DogWatch system is designed to protect your pet from an over-correction in the unlikely event that your dog stands in the signal field and does not quickly exit. The receiver will automatically reset once the dog leaves the signal field.

High Impact, Waterproof
The DogWatch receiver is tested to withstand the harsh outdoor elements of rain, sleet and snow, as well as rigorous play!

Loop Monitor
Our Loop Monitor alerts you if there is a break in the boundary wire. This is an invaluable safety feature for underground fences.

You get everything you need
1 Transmitter (Transmitter)
1 Receiver collar (Receiver)
1 Lightning and surge protection
1 Training line
1 Magnet test tool with lamp
1 Battery

Dimensions and weight of the receiver
R7 mini: 4 cm x 3 cm x 1.5 cm (L x W x H). It weighs only 30 grams incl. battery
R9: 5,5 cm x 3,5 cm x 2 cm (L x W x H). It weighs only 47 grams incl. battery

Select [R7 mini] for a small dog or cat. Eg. Dachshund, Chihuahua, Poodle
Select [R9] to other animals and larger dogs. Eg. Labrador, German Shepherd, Kleiner Münsterländer

Very easy to install. Please see instruction videos here: Instruction videos etc.

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